Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Pros and Cons of These Synthetic Stones

Lab-grown diamonds sparkle

Lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds. They are ideal alternatives to mined diamonds if you don’t have a huge budget for natural ones. Since lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical compositions as natural diamonds, an ordinary person won’t be able to tell the difference. These diamonds may be man-made or synthetic, cultured … Read more

Diamond Jewelry Allergies: What are You Supposed to Do?

Contact dermatitis and diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry can be stunning and irritating at the same time. The day was a special day for you and your partner. He finally proposed and gave you a stunning engagement ring. The following morning, your finger starts to redden. Later, it starts to itch. You decide that it’s time to post it on Instagram … Read more

Diamonds and Astrological Beliefs: Always a Classic Match

Astrology and diamonds mix well

Women love diamonds. This sparkling precious stone is a symbol of fashion, luxury, beauty, and eternal love. Such a stunning stone makes every ensemble more elegant and more unforgettable. But these precious stones have more to them than just their value and looks. Diamonds also have astrological and health benefits. Wearing diamonds can bring your … Read more

Buying Valentines Diamonds and Feeling Great About It

Valentine diamonds and roses

Giving Valentine diamonds to the one you love is the ultimate way to express your true feelings. Of course, you should think about the right kind of diamond jewelry that would match your special someone’s original style. Along with this consideration is the authenticity of the diamond jewelry that you will get. Flawless or clarity-enhanced, … Read more

Diamond Superstitions: What People Once Believed and Still Believe

Diamond superstition is still strong

Diamond superstitions have dominated the world of precious stones for centuries. Some of the rarest, most beautiful diamonds have graced occasions and filled many estate vaults. Most of them have caused tragedies and some extraordinary feats. Beliefs are important. That is why most people extend their beliefs to items that they have. Diamonds and other … Read more

Essentials of Diamond Jewelry Clasps

Diamond jewelry need strong clasps.

Do you see diamond jewelry clasps as important elements of jewelry? When people receive a bracelet or a necklace, they would always look at the centerpiece, which is the diamond. Second would be the precious metal. Diamond jewelry clasps are never really appreciated that much at all. The clasp or fastener is important to a … Read more

Diamonds and Love on Valentine’s Day

A heart made of diamonds

The day of love and romance, known as Valentine’s Day, is a much celebrated day in the Western part of the world. Because of the widespread Western culture, many people from all corners of the globe have adopted the love tradition. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to push through with proposals, anniversaries, and love … Read more

What Makes Synthetic Diamonds Different from Natural?

Synthetic or Natural Diamonds

Identifying the differences between synthetic and natural diamonds is easy. You just need to focus on the environmental impact and the cost of the stones. It is true that these synthetic stones are identical to natural ones. They have the same fire, quality, stand-out colors, beauty, hardness, and timeless brilliance. Yet, buying a synthetic diamond … Read more

The Diamond: Seeing and Contemplating the Gem Beyond The Sparkle

Colored diamonds of every shape and size

A diamond is a diamond—enhanced or not. Apart from being known as a woman’s best friend, the diamond is a symbol of luxury. For centuries it has been deemed a valuable stone for which wars began and lives were lost. The diamond made its mark on the world and surely influenced cultures and beliefs. As … Read more

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