Diamond Superstitions: What People Once Believed and Still Believe

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Diamond superstitions have dominated the world of precious stones for centuries. Some of the rarest, most beautiful diamonds have graced occasions and filled many estate vaults. Most of them have caused tragedies and some extraordinary feats.

Rough diamond transforming into a cut one
Rough diamond transforming into a cut one

Beliefs are important. That is why most people extend their beliefs to items that they have. Diamonds and other precious gems have always taken the brunt of curses and superstitions all over the world. It can be quite surprising to find out that diamonds and gems motivate and nurture them.

Diamonds and Health

Evil Eye

To this day, there are still enduring diamond superstitions. One is the Evil Eye. This superstition states that whoever wears diamonds wards off the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye myth originated from Ancient Greece. According to the myth, a malevolent stare can come from anywhere. It could even come from forces that can curse the target individual. Many people believe that the Evil Eye causes sickness, bad luck, and death in rare cases. Back then, rich women always wore diamonds in the form of pendants. Their hope was to blind the Evil Eye when it looks in their direction. The Evil Eye was believed to be blue in color, so people were discouraged to buy and wear blue diamonds.

Vein to the Heart

Women always wear diamond engagement rings on the ring finger of their left hand. This practice comes from Ancient Egypt. Back then, the Egyptians believed that there was a blood vessel in the ring finger of the left hand that channeled blood straight to the heart. Of course, this is a wrong belief now, but the location of all engagement rings is still on the ring finger of the left hand. This extends to diamond wedding bands as well.

Roman soldiers had shields and armor laced with diamonds
Roman soldiers had shields and armor laced with diamonds

Personal Shield

Diamond superstitions were also part of defensive strategies during ancient times. Prominent soldiers and royalty of Ancient Rome wore breastplates, laced with diamonds. They believed the diamonds will protect them from weapons and health problems. Ancient Romans also believed that diamonds were shards of fallen stars or even the tears of the gods.

Insanity and Illness

Diamonds were believed to protect people in India from being hit by lightning. I was even believed to cure insanity.

People of medieval Europe believed that carrying or wearing diamonds could ward off plagues. As you know, the black plague killed 75 to 200 million people. So, the diamonds didn’t really help the situation.

In India, people believed that diamonds breakdown the bladder stones. Hindus back then were very meticulous in choosing their diamonds. They believed that diamonds of poor quality can cause jaundice, leprosy, and lameness. They also feared low-quality diamonds because to them these inferior stones had the power to keep Indra from entering heaven. Indra is the king of the gods.


People also believed to avoid diamonds that had culets. At the bottom of every diamond’s pavilion is the culet. It is usually shaped in a point or as another facet. People believed that the spirits would enter the diamond through the culet and then curse the wearer.

Diamonds and Knowledge

Throughout history, people have always nurtured diamond superstitions. They’ve believed that diamonds possessed powers of knowledge. Some people also claimed that these precious stones can spot a lie. They say that a diamond would sparkle brilliantly if the words are true. Then, it would become dim if the person is telling a lie.

During the 1600s, the men were told to place a diamond beneath their pillow. The diamond was supposed to warn the if their wife is cheating. It’s still unclear as to how the diamond was supposed to indicate infidelity.

Diamonds and Love

Diamond superstitions have always involved love. These precious stones are symbols of this precious feeling. A long time ago, this symbolism was taken a bit too far.

People believed that diamonds were enchanted ingredients on the tips of Cupid’s love arrows. That is why people become in love when they’re stuck by the arrows.

Three-stoned diamond ring
Three-stoned diamond ring

When you see three-stone diamond rings, the diamonds represent the past, present, and future of your relationship. Two-stone diamond rings are extremely popular among the upper-class people in Europe because they believe that two diamonds proliferate and have small, baby diamonds. This legend states that two diamonds, whether in the form of pendants or rings, can create more diamonds.

Another legend says that if you let another woman try on your diamond engagement ring, that woman will steal your fiancé’s heart. A diamond engagement ring symbolizes love and also timeless romance and solid commitment.

Diamonds and Death

People in 15th century Europe believed that the son of a Turkish sultan killed his own father by adding diamond dust in his food so that he could be king. When you swallow rough diamonds, the sharp edges lacerate your digestive tract, which leads to death.

Diamond dust as poison
Diamond dust as poison

Diamond superstitions never fail to make diamonds interesting and intriguing. If you’re interested in purchasing either natural or clarity enhanced diamonds, think about what beliefs you have about them. Perhaps knowing a bit of the old superstitions can add more value to the diamond you’re going to buy.

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