Diamonds and Astrological Beliefs: Always a Classic Match

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Women love diamonds. This sparkling precious stone is a symbol of fashion, luxury, beauty, and eternal love. Such a stunning stone makes every ensemble more elegant and more unforgettable. But these precious stones have more to them than just their value and looks. Diamonds also have astrological and health benefits. Wearing diamonds can bring your life a positive change. With Venus as its ruling planet, you can be sure that this precious stone can bring true beauty and love to your life.

A yellow diamond set in platinum
A yellow diamond set in platinum

The Look of Diamonds

Diamonds are unbreakable. They are the strongest material on earth. These precious stones transform from carbon after billions of years of pressure and heat. The most common diamonds are brown and yellow. Even so, the colorless or white diamond is the most sought after. Their shine and sparkle help colorless diamonds stand out in astrology. The diamond is astrologically relevant and has a home in Venus.

The Home Planet

Heera (in Hindi) or Venus is the ruling planet of diamonds. These gemstones are said to have powers of divinity. In the world of astrology, Venus symbolizes love, luck, charm, beauty, and luxury. Because of this, people who are in the art or entertainment industry wear diamonds. Yet, the diamond seems to have two sides—good and bad. If a person wears these precious gems, it can bring good fortune and evil at the same time. By studying the wearer’s horoscope, you can determine if this gemstone is good or bad for you.

Stunning green diamond centerpiece surrounded by white diamonds
Stunning green diamond centerpiece surrounded by white diamonds

The Astrological Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the diamond:

  • It brings inner peace and favorable effects in your personal and professional life. 
  • It represents the charm and vibrance of the world around us. 
  • It attracts comfort, love, wealth, happiness, romance, beauty, and art. 
  • It enhances physical strength and helps you fight enemies.
  • It improves intellect and health.
  • It brightens your reputation and makes you prosper.
  • It makes your married life prosperous.
  • It bolsters your sexual stamina.
  • It dissipates your fear of the supernatural.
  • It combats health problems.
  • It strengthens your inner will.
  • It encourages you to achieve spiritual learnings and spiritual happiness.
  • It increases your longevity.

The Zodiac

People with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aries, and Pisces should not wear diamonds according to astrology. The diamonds would just cause disharmony or chaos in their lives. For people born under Libra, Taurus, and Virgo, diamonds will bestow them prosperity and good fortune. Those who have other zodiac signs can wear these clear gems at certain conditions and under certain times. 

Wearing Diamonds

If you wear diamonds carelessly can bring forth problems. Take note of the five elements when you wear your diamond ring. Each element is connected to each finger:

  • Pinkie finger—water
  • Thumb—fire
  • Ring—space
  • Middle finger—ether
  • Index—air
A beautiful diamond star ring
A beautiful diamond star ring

In astrology, you have to wear the diamond on the correct finger on the correct hand. The right hand is associated with the bright and positive Yang while the left is with the negative and the dark Ying. You develop the energies of the inner world when you wear the gem on the correct finger on the right hand. 

The correct finger is the middle finger. Wearing the ring on this finger enhances the traits of Venus. Gemology says that Venus rules over love, relationships, cordiality, devotion, and modesty. Putting a diamond on your middle finger gives the aspects of your life positivity and progress. No finger represents Venus. Yet, the middle finger (Saturn) and the index finger (Mercury) can wear diamonds since these planets are the friends of Venus. 

Diamonds and astrology are always a perfect match. If you follow the rules in astrology, these precious gems will give you positive experiences and energy. These white or colorless gems are always of high value. In astrology, colorless diamonds seem to be the most powerful stones. If you wear them, do so in the right spot on your body. 

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