Diamonds: The Luck Giver for Many Diamond Wearers

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Diamonds are stunning, precious stones that can give you either good or bad luck. Centuries have fueled the stories and beliefs about these precious stones. During the Middle Ages, a woman would wear a necklace to ward off the people with evil intent because of her beauty. There was a time when people believes that these gemstones could multiply on their own. Because of this, people always wore two diamonds in one ring. They believed that the diamonds would produce diamonds during certain times of the year.  

Gold pendant studded with diamonds
Gold pendant studded with diamonds

All these beliefs about diamonds celebrate the reverence that people give to diamonds. They also reflected how much power people thought was in diamonds. Until today, there are still circulating beliefs about diamonds. Whether you believe in these beliefs or not, these gems will always be special. The fortune they give you will depend on you and the source of the stone.

The Beliefs

Here are some of the longstanding beliefs about diamonds:

  • People who were born under Libra, Taurus, and Virgo can wear diamonds because the stone can bring them harmony and prosperity. Those who belong to the signs of Scorpio, Aries or Pisces should not wear diamonds at all because they will just have chaos in their lives.
  • Those who wear these precious gems remove any level of low self-esteem. It is often recommended to people who experience creative blocks. Actors, artists, and writers are a few of these professionals. 
  • Diamonds maintain good health and repel negativity. They can cure sperm count issues, impotency, infertility, and other sexual disorders. You should make sure that you wear high-quality diamonds to remove these negative effects.
Evil eye diamonds
Evil eye diamonds

Choosing the Diamond

Selecting the right diamond that suits you before you make it part of your daily ensemble. To check the diamond, keep it for a week and observe its effects on your finance, health, and other aspects of your life. If all things go well, then the diamond is meant to be yours. 

According to Indian astrology, the diamond belongs to Venus. Named after the goddess of love and beauty, Venus is the beautiful, shining twin of our planet. Diamonds may last forever, but it is not meant for every person to wear. Your zodiac sign actually determines if you could wear these stones. 

The Ruling Planet

Diamonds have always been associated with Venus. This planet shines brightly in the sky with the moons and stars. It is the brightest planet in the sky. That is why this gemstone represents the good qualities of Venus. This stunning planet blesses the lives of people who are working in entertainment and the arts. So, if you wear a diamond, it can help you take control of your life

Diamond elephant pendant
Diamond elephant pendant

Well-Known Diamonds

Below are a few of the most famous precious stones and the legends behind them:

  • Blue Hope

This is a gemstone that always gives bad fortune to its owners. The Blue Hope is a 45.52-carat gem that was said to have been stolen from a Hindu temple idol. The temple priest cursed the one who stole the diamond and all those who will own it. The blue diamond is stunning, but the stories it carries make it unique and unmistakable. 

Evil eye diamond pendant
Evil eye diamond pendant
  • The Cullinan

This heavy diamond was discovered back in 1905. It weighs 3106.75 carats. Cutting the diamond involved many speculations and confusions. One story says that a master craftsman’s cleaver broke trying to cut the Cullinan. 

  • The Kohinoor

Many Indian kinds owned this diamond before it arrived in England. Even so, people say that it can only be owned by a woman. If a man owns the Kohinoor, misfortune visits him constantly and loses his position. 

Because of the beauty and mystery of these stones, generations continue to be intrigued and enthralled. These gems can give you either good or bad fortune. It depends on your zodiac sign and the source of the diamond. Whether you believe this or not, these gems are still stunning treasures to have. 

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