Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Pros and Cons of These Synthetic Stones

Lab-grown diamonds sparkle

Lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds. They are ideal alternatives to mined diamonds if you don’t have a huge budget for natural ones. Since lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical compositions as natural diamonds, an ordinary person won’t be able to tell the difference. These diamonds may be man-made or synthetic, cultured … Read more

Diamond Jewelry Allergies: What are You Supposed to Do?

Contact dermatitis and diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry can be stunning and irritating at the same time. The day was a special day for you and your partner. He finally proposed and gave you a stunning engagement ring. The following morning, your finger starts to redden. Later, it starts to itch. You decide that it’s time to post it on Instagram … Read more

Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Essentials That You Should Know

Brilliant lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are also known as cultured or engineered diamonds. These stones are manufactured in controlled laboratories using advanced technologies. The processes involved in making lab-grown diamonds imitate the natural conditions required to make natural diamonds. These artificial diamonds also have carbon atoms. Scientists arrange them in the distinctive diamond structure. Because lab-grown diamonds are … Read more

Diamonds: The Luck Giver for Many Diamond Wearers

Colorful lucky diamonds

Diamonds are stunning, precious stones that can give you either good or bad luck. Centuries have fueled the stories and beliefs about these precious stones. During the Middle Ages, a woman would wear a necklace to ward off the people with evil intent because of her beauty. There was a time when people believes that … Read more

Diamonds and Astrological Beliefs: Always a Classic Match

Astrology and diamonds mix well

Women love diamonds. This sparkling precious stone is a symbol of fashion, luxury, beauty, and eternal love. Such a stunning stone makes every ensemble more elegant and more unforgettable. But these precious stones have more to them than just their value and looks. Diamonds also have astrological and health benefits. Wearing diamonds can bring your … Read more

Buying Valentines Diamonds and Feeling Great About It

Valentine diamonds and roses

Giving Valentine diamonds to the one you love is the ultimate way to express your true feelings. Of course, you should think about the right kind of diamond jewelry that would match your special someone’s original style. Along with this consideration is the authenticity of the diamond jewelry that you will get. Flawless or clarity-enhanced, … Read more

What Diamonds Are In Chinese Tradition, In the Lives of Young and Old

Diamonds to the Chinese

Experts believe that ancient craftsmen in China used diamonds for making their stone ritual burial axes, about 6,000 years ago. Harvard researchers unearthed compelling evidence that ancient Chinese used these clear stones with a high level of skill. What they did to diamonds is challenging to imitate even with modern techniques and tools.  Since diamonds tend to … Read more

Diamond Gifts: Giving Diamond Jewelry as Gifts During the Pandemic

Giving a diamond gift to the one you love

Covid-19 can never prevent people from giving diamond gifts. Until now, it is undeniable that the pandemic is still surging. Even so, people still keep falling in love or expressing love. This enables jewelry companies to keep on producing precious, stunning diamond pieces for every occasion.  Because of Covid-19, giving diamond gifts is still happening. … Read more

Wearing Diamonds and the Concept of Herd Immunity

Woman wearing diamonds on her mask

It may be difficult to accept but wearing diamonds has been a problem since the pandemic. Those who believe that the coronavirus is just a type of flu cannot help but dismiss the warnings and the facts. COVID-19 has already caused two million to die globally. Despite the facts, people choose sentimentality over safety. Wearing … Read more

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