Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Pros and Cons of These Synthetic Stones

Lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds. They are ideal alternatives to mined diamonds if you don’t have a huge budget for natural ones. Since lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical compositions as natural diamonds, an ordinary person won’t be able to tell the difference. These diamonds may be man-made or synthetic, cultured or engineered, but what they symbolize is priceless. If you cannot decide if lab diamonds are the one for you, here are some of their pros and cons. 

Sparkling synthetic diamonds
Sparkling lab-grown diamonds

The Pros

Below are some of the pros or advantages of lab-grown diamonds:

Less Expensive

Synthetic diamonds cost 30 to 40 percent less than natural diamonds, especially if you get colored diamonds. Lab-grown and mined diamonds are similar in every aspect of their makeup. Both are ideal for gift or engagement jewelry engagement jewelry. If the recipient shares your sentiments about natural diamonds, then man-made diamonds are just fine. These diamonds have been in-demand for the past five years already. Even top diamond companies like DeBeers are making their own diamonds now. 

Environmentally Friendly

Lab-grown diamonds do not need mining at all. As you know, mining deteriorated the environment and places the miners in unsanitary and life-threatening working conditions. Certifications of natural diamonds only tell you where the diamonds came from. They do not tell you the working situation of the people who mined them. Many mining operations still involve child labor and violence.

Man-made diamonds are as beautiful as natural diamonds
Man-made diamonds are as beautiful as natural diamonds

Blood diamonds still exist. It is disheartening to find out that the diamond you have on your finger is from a place of slavery and violence. With lab grow diamonds, you are confident that you did not contribute to the suffering of many people in unknown diamond mines. 


The trend now is to purchase and wear synthetic diamonds. Making man-made diamonds has been an industry of its own for decades. Because of the high demand for genuine but affordable diamonds, diamond labs have been doing their best to make diamonds as authentic as they can be. If you are wearing one, then you are a fashionista. 

The Cons of Lab-grown Diamonds

The following are the cons of buying lab-grown diamonds:

Lab-gown diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds
Lab-gown diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds

Low Resale Value

Mined diamonds are becoming scarce. That is why their price continues to rise. The appreciating costs of natural diamonds compel buyers to turn to lab-grown diamonds. These synthetic diamonds have no supply issues at all. If you have a diamond lab, then this is great news. However, this might be problematic in the long run. Because synthetic diamonds are becoming more inexpensive, their resale value will decrease as well. This will only make it more challenging for you to upgrade when the time comes. 

May Develop Sustainability Issues

Although synthetic diamonds are environmentally safe, making them demands an enormous amount of energy. Experts even say that diamond mines emit lower levels of carbon dioxide than diamond labs. Now,  diamond industry regulators are trying to see if diamond makers can label their companies as eco-friendly or sustainable. 

May Be a Source of Judgment

Unfortunately, not many people know about lab-grown diamonds. Even if you explain the process to them, they would only think that you are a cheap person. 

Lab-grown diamonds can carry the same sentiment as natural diamonds
Lab-grown diamonds can carry the same sentiment as natural diamonds

Not Unique

Each natural diamond is unique. Every diamond is a product of a one-of-a-kind process that happened billions of years ago. Even if a jeweler cuts a diamond, it will still have unique imperfections and traits that other diamonds don’t have. Lab-grown diamonds are made in diamond labs or factories. They are mass-produced. This may take away the mystery and prestige that natural diamonds have. 

Lab-grown diamonds are popular among those who are socially and environmentally aware. If you are on a tight budget, these diamonds are the right ones to choose. Even if you choose synthetic diamonds, the meaning behind the diamonds is what’s important. 

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