Wearing Diamonds and the Concept of Herd Immunity

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It may be difficult to accept but wearing diamonds has been a problem since the pandemic. Those who believe that the coronavirus is just a type of flu cannot help but dismiss the warnings and the facts. COVID-19 has already caused two million to die globally. Despite the facts, people choose sentimentality over safety. Wearing diamonds is back especially since the vaccines are starting to reach people worldwide. For anti-vaxxers, however, the vaccine has nothing to do with their diamond wearing. They believe that herd immunity is all they need to be free of the coronavirus.

Diamond earrings set aside during COVID-19
Diamond earrings set aside during COVID-19

The Mistake

People are wearing their diamonds and other pieces of jewelry again not because they had the vaccine already, but because of herd immunity. They think that even without vaccines, their community will develop a longstanding immunity from COVID-19. This is not true at all.

The Truth About Herd Immunity

Disease-fighting pioneers William Farr, Edward Jenner, and Louis Pasteur theorized that if a sufficient percentage of people in a population receives a vaccination, a disease can be eradicated. Studies on livestock and mice made the term herd immunity popular. It made everyone optimistic that a portion of a given population could stop the outbreak of a disease. Herd immunity has made an appearance in past contagions like measles, smallpox, and polio. With COVID-19, the debate about this type of immunity continues.

Wearing diamonds to a socially-distanced gathering
Wearing diamonds to a socially-distanced gathering

Several government leaders wonder if the lowered COVID-19 cases in epicenters in the United States is due to herd immunity. There has been a low number of coronavirus cases in this area for a time now. Even if the evidence is strong, herd immunity as the reason seems to be fictional. According to experts at Yale, if the reason behind this lowered caseload is herd immunity, the numbers should be low and not steady.

Facts Matter While Wearing Diamonds

The truth is, herd immunity is not an instant event. It takes months or years for this natural form of immunity to take hold of a disease. Aside from this, there would be several roller-coaster cycles of the disease peaking and subsiding. Once real herd immunity happens, it would constantly change because of the birth of children, who may or may not have the immunity.

Throughout history, only cattle-borne rinderpest and smallpox were the only infectious diseases that were eradicated successfully. Others, such as the bubonic plague, rabies, and leprosy, have just been managed or stayed at large. Specialists say that it is not likely that the coronavirus will go away just by herd immunity. They added that the current pandemic can either end or perhaps be controlled through the vaccines. So, you still need the vaccine for the coronavirus if you want to activate herb immunity. You should not keep wearing diamonds during this pandemic.

Cleaning your diamonds in between handwashing during the pandemic
Cleaning your diamonds in between handwashing during the pandemic

The Herd Threshold Theorem

Wearing diamonds outside your home is still detrimental. The people keep calling it herd immunity, but it is actually herd threshold theorem. This is when 75 percent of the population must gain immunity against the coronavirus. When this happens, the transmission of the disease will stop. That is why it is important to have vaccination and still stick to the protocols.

Wearing Diamonds is Not Ideal

Even if you have already taken the vaccine, you should still follow the health protocols for the pandemic. This includes not wearing jewelry, washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing. Experts say that even if you already had your vaccine, it will take time for it to work. Be patient and just keep your diamonds in your jewelry safe for the time being.

Disinfect Your Diamonds

If you do have to wear your diamonds, you should remember to prioritize disinfecting them. Doing so is necessary especially after washing your hands. You can disinfect your diamonds by washing and brushing them thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. You should never use alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizer when cleaning your diamonds.

Proper disinfecton for your diamonds
Proper disinfecton for your diamonds

While it may be true that wearing diamonds is still not advisable even if you have taken the vaccine already, you may still be tempted to wear it at times. When you do, be sure to clean and disinfect them thoroughly after washing your hands. Help is trying to reach all corners of the world now. All you need to do is hang on and do your part.

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