Thanksgiving Diamonds: Diamond Wishbone Jewelry

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Receiving Thanksgiving diamonds is an unforgettable event. Because the turkey (or chicken) is the enduring symbol of this red-letter occasion, wishbone jewelry tends to enter the spotlight. It is not a surprise that this part of a bird’s anatomy is a favorite subject of many jewelers. The beliefs surrounding the wishbone encourage many to have it on them in the form of diamond pieces.

Sophisticated Thanksgiving diamonds set in gold wishbone pendant
Sophisticated Thanksgiving diamonds set in gold wishbone pendant

The Essentials of a Wishbone

If you are a chicken, duck, goose, or turkey eater, you are familiar with the fork-shaped bone that you get after a meal. You can find this bone between the breast and the neck of the fowl. Chefs usually cut out the wishbone first. Doing so makes it easier to carve the chicken later after it’s cooked.

Tradition gave birth to perceiving the wishbone as a symbol of good luck. Usually, two people hold the two ends of the wishbone before making a wish. Once they pull the wishbone apart, the one who gets the long bone is believed to have good luck with that person’s wish granted soon. If the wishbone snaps apart equally, then both people will have their wishes come true.

Wishbone in Jewelry

The shape of a wishbone is unique because it is made from the fused clavicles of the fowl. It essentially helps birds to flap their wings or fly. Makers of Thanksgiving diamonds have adopted the wishbone in creating their pieces. Inspired by the odd shape of the “furcula” or the wishbone, jewelers have made wishbone designs for every taste and budget. While the shape is fascinating enough, the symbolism and tradition behind wishbones make it even more meaningful to make into jewelry pieces.

Mesmerizing wishbone diamond ring
Mesmerizing wishbone diamond ring

Wishbones and Lore

Yes, a wishbone is a small thing that you have to take out of a turkey’s or a chicken’s breast. The belief that a wishbone is lucky started way back in Medieval times. Back then, poultry was the star of every huge meal. Before cooking the fowl, cooks usually debone it first. They usually set aside all the bones for drying later. They especially make sure that the wishbone stays intact. The wishbone we know now was called “merrythought” during the Medieval era.

To invite good fortune inside their homes, Medieval homemakers hung dried wishbones. They also believed that hanging wishbones to dry enhances the power inside the bones. When the wishbones are dry enough, two people will pull it apart after they wish silently. The person who gets the longer piece will have a fulfilled wish. The person who gets the shorter piece of the wishbone doesn’t get a wish fulfilled. The wish will just remain a wish for the meantime. On rare occasions, the wishbone would split into two equal parts. This results in luck for both people.

Wishbones in Thanksgiving Diamonds

An unbroken wishbone symbolizes luck. It holds a true promise of pleasant things in the future. With this belief enduring until today, the wishbone has become part of the jewelry industry. The popularity of wishbones in jewelry designs has been growing. You can find wishbone earrings, pendants, bracelets, charms, rings, and anklets.

Wishbone Pendants

If you look at wishbone pendants, they are much like horseshoes but sleeker. They have a sort of neck that extends upward to the chain and parts smoothly into to arms. Thanksgiving diamonds in the form of wishbone pendants are a perfect gift for the season. Wearing this pendant near your heart enhances good fortune and optimism. Some people even say that before you wear your wishbone pendant, say your wish. Do this as a personal ritual and perhaps part of your motivation for the day.

Gold wishbone pendant studded by Thanksgiving diamonds
Gold wishbone pendant studded by Thanksgiving diamonds

Wishbone Rings

Thanksgiving diamonds are also depicted in the form of wishbone rings. Unlike wishbone pendants, the ring version is more subtle. It is a shallow V design that symbolizes the union of two people in love. It is usually a unique choice in letting fortune and possibilities in your engagement or marriage. Even if you can’t wear your ring all the time, you can make your wishbone pendant hold it for a while. Just make sure that the two bottom arms of your wishbone pendant are wider than your ring’s circumference. It’s a great way to show off both your wishbone pieces, too.

Mini wishbone diamond earrings
Mini wishbone diamond earrings

Wishbone Earrings

You can also wear wishbone Thanksgiving diamonds in the form of earrings. Some designs look like a horseshoe, but others look like tiny wishbones. If you love statement jewelry or minimal designs, wishbone earrings are for you.

Thanksgiving diamonds are ideal gifts for that special person on that special occasion. Wouldn’t it be great to bask in the tradition of Turkey day knowing that you’ve shared good fortune in the form of wishbone diamond jewelry?

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