Care for Jewelry the Way Your Jeweler Wants You To

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You should care for jewelry that you purchase the best way you can. When you place each piece in your jewelry box, it’s clear that you want each one to last at least a lifetime. Whether it’s clarity-enhanced or natural diamond jewelry, you should know how to care for them the right way. Your jeweler is the only one who knows best about the jewelry you purchase. Most jewelry owners don’t follow what their jewelers tell them. Don’t you think it’s time to listen?

Care for jewelry by trusting your jeweler
Care for jewelry by trusting your jeweler

Bring Back Your Jewels to Your Jeweler

Buying from a jeweler is like purchasing from a vintage car owner. You are certain that the jewelry you just bought has been well-cared for. Just like a vintage car, your piece of jewelry needs to be serviced well. There is no other person who could take care of your jewelry better than the person from which you bought it. You can have your jewelry serviced there for free, too. If you do this regularly, your pieces will last for a long time. 

Avoid Practicing Poor DIY Jewelry Cleaning Practices

While you can save time and money through DIY jewelry cleaning practices, you often pay the price in the end because you damage your jewelry this way. Care for jewelry should not involve harsh materials. Dish soap, denature alcohol, acids, and toothpaste can damage the diamonds and the metal setting of your jewelry. It is still best to bring your jewels to your jeweler. If you do, then you can have peace of mind that your jewelry pieces stay in pristine condition. 

Diamond jewelry cleaned by a jeweler
Diamond jewelry cleaned by a jeweler

Remove Your Jewelry Before You Shower

Jewelry experts often say that it’s a bad habit to swim or shower with your jewelry on. Soap and hard water always leave particles that form scum around and in the unseen corners of your jewelry. These are often challenging to remove on your own. Conditioner and shampoo can cling behind the mountings of your jewelry. They can also contain harmful chemicals that damage the metal gradually. 

Always Clasp Your Jewelry Before Storing Them

Make sure you clasp your necklaces and bracelets before you keep them. Just hang them on your bracelet or necklace tree. This proper care for jewelry also prevents your chains from tangles. If you do get knotted chains, you should just place the chains on your table and use pins to loosen them. 

A diamond necklace should be clasped before storing
A diamond necklace should be clasped before storing

Don’t Clean Your Jewelry on Your Own

Cleaning your jewels on your own is convenient. The only problem is that you might not be cleaning them as frequently as you should. To make sure that your jewels are cleaned thoroughly, it’s best to have your jeweler clean your pieces for you regularly. This prudent way to care for jewelry is to ensure that the stones and settings do not incur damage. 

Learn About the Jewelry You’re Going to Purchase

If you’re going to purchase a clarity enhanced diamond, learn about how to care for it first. Clarity enhanced diamonds need special attention and consideration during cleaning and maintenance. Natural diamonds need the utmost care as well. Your jeweler is the only one who could maintain your jewels the right way. 

Care for jewelry should always involve the jeweler
Care for jewelry should always involve the jeweler

Take Your Jewelry to a Jeweler Even If You Didn’t Buy It There

If you think that jewelers only fix or clean jewelry that they sell, think again especially if you bought your jewelry online. Jewelry maintenance fees are inexpensive. If you take your piece to a jeweler, you will extend the life of your jewelry. 

Sometimes, it’s just easier to purchase and keep pieces of jewelry without going to a jeweler for maintenance and repair. In reality, even heirloom pieces need the skilled touch of an experienced jeweler. The jeweler’s extensive experience is always a necessity in providing proper care for jewelry. It’s alright to clean your own jewels, but it is always better to have professionals care for them effectively as well.

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