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Clarity enhanced diamonds continue to stir curiosity in many people. That is why experts do their best to answer the nagging and often repetitive questions about these diamonds. Below are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about clarity enhanced diamonds. Check them out.

Treated diamond earrings
Treated diamond earrings

What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have natural imperfections, such as a feather. The diamond experts then eliminate that natural imperfection through enhancement processes. After enhancing the diamond, the imperfection disappears when light passes through it.

Can diamond experts enhance any diamond?

Whether your diamond is an oval, princess-cut, cushion-shaped, pear-shaped, or shaped in any other way, it can be enhanced. But basically, only some diamonds can go through the enhancement process because those with deep inclusions already will always carry them. Most jewelers pick diamonds that don’t have significant inclusions so that the enhancement treatments can still work on them.

What sets a clarity enhanced diamond from a lab-grown diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are naturally-mined diamonds. It went through the same natural process that a perfect diamond goes through. Lab-grown diamonds merely go through a two-week synthetic process in a laboratory.

Do I need to have my clarity enhanced diamond cared for extensively?

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), usual wear and tear cannot really affect clarity enhanced diamonds significantly. However, be careful when you wear them because the enhancement can be affected by strong acids and extreme heat. If you want to have your clarity enhanced diamond cleaned or maintained, just inform your jeweler that your diamonds are clarity enhanced.

Skilled hands maintaining your enhanced diamond
Skilled hands maintaining your enhanced diamond

Do I need to find a specialist jeweler to maintain or clean my clarity enhanced diamonds?

No. Just any experienced, well-trained, and licensed jeweler can do the job.

Can I get a guarantee for my clarity enhanced diamond?

Yes. You should be able to get a lifetime guarantee for your clarity enhanced diamond. In case it needs repairs, the jeweler from whom you bought it could repair it free of charge.

Does the enhancement fade or deteriorate over time?

It doesn’t, but if you expose your clarity enhanced diamonds in strong acids or extreme heat, it will.

Will my clarity enhanced diamond lose its value someday?

No. Remember it is a naturally-mined diamond that will always retain its value.

What process enhances the color of a diamond?

The process is HPHT. It enhances the color of natural diamonds.

Beautiful blue clarity enhanced diamond
Beautiful blue clarity enhanced diamond

How does one distinguish a clarity enhanced diamond?

With the help of a jeweler’s loupe, you can identify a clarity enhanced diamond. There is a flash effect on the area that has been enhanced. It contains purple, red, or blue coloration. You can see this in combination or individually. These colors are uncommon in natural, unenhanced diamonds.

Does the enhancement affect the diamond’s weight?

The film used to enhance the diamond is practically weightless. It won’t affect your diamond at all.

Can my ultrasonic cleaner harm my clarity enhanced diamond?

Yes, you can. The enhancement done on your diamond will not deteriorate when you clean it in your ultrasonic cleaner, accompanied by non-ammonia and non-acidic cleaning solutions.

Is it possible to steam clean my clarity enhanced diamond?

Yes, it is.

Are the irradiated diamonds safe?

Yes, they are. All clarity enhanced diamonds should adhere to the strict government regulations and standards. They are all free of radiation.

What are the colors that result from diamond irradiation?

After irradiation, you can get yellow, blue, and green colors that re the most popular colors. You can also get purple, pink, orange, and red diamonds, which are more challenging to produce.

Stunning treated diamonds
Stunning treated diamonds

What colors come out from HPHT?

HPHT can turn less than two percent of brownish diamonds into white ones. About 98 percent Type Ia diamonds can turn orangish-yellow, greenish-yellow, or yellow. It’s rare that they turn blue or pink.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are mined natural diamonds. They are not man-made or synthetic at all. These FAQs tell you most of the things you would want to know about these diamonds. Next time you decide to get clarity enhanced diamonds, perhaps these FAQs will help you more.

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