The Diamond: Seeing and Contemplating the Gem Beyond The Sparkle

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A diamond is a diamond—enhanced or not. Apart from being known as a woman’s best friend, the diamond is a symbol of luxury. For centuries it has been deemed a valuable stone for which wars began and lives were lost. The diamond made its mark on the world and surely influenced cultures and beliefs. As a result, this gem has turned into so many things for people on a global scale.

Wearing this gem is healthy.
A clarity-enhanced diamond set on a gold ring.

Beliefs About the Diamond (Clarity Enhanced or Untreated)

  1. The diamond harmonizes Venus or Sukra, which represents vehicles, luxuries, happiness, wealth, jewelry, beauty, art, and comfort. It also symbolizes beauty in the wearer’s quality of life.
  2. People wear this precious stone for luck and longevity.
  3. This stone gives the wearer an enhanced image in the family and social circle and allows the wearer to materialize their plans.
  4. Diamonds helps the wearer prioritize health and strengthen will power. It also helps people get the main concept of things and gain courage in looking within themselves.
  5. This gem is also linked to the wearer’s prosperity, goals, wise foresight, and nobility. It also stimulates courage and ecstasy.

Origins of the Diamond

Many believe in the legend that diamonds came from the God of Mines. One day, the God of Mines decided to call his courtiers. He told them to gather all the gems in the world and realized that the precious stones are of different hardness and colors. The God of Mines took one of each kind of gem and crushed them all. He mixed all of the particles together and said, “This will be something that is he union of all their beauty.” And so, the diamond was brought into the world. The resulting gem is invincible, durable, and pure. When light flows through it, it produces a spectrum of colors that come from the different gems inside it.

A diamond is a gem that represents light and winter. It has a high energy frequency that disperses light into brilliant rays like those of the sun. This gem is also believed to be a representation of sheer enlightenment and perfection. It is said to activate the Etheric and Crown Chakras. Diamonds can also improve one’s inner vision, ingenuity, creativity, and imagination. It opens the mind to what is possible and new. If the diamond is positioned on the third eye, it enhances psychic development. It is also an important tool for clairvoyance, remote viewing, and telepathic communication.

This gemstone can heal.
A healing Herkimer diamond.

This precious stone also has unbeatable strength, earning the moniker, “The Stone of Invincibility”. The diamond is believed to give the wearer courage, victory, superb strength, and fortitude. It is often associated with fearlessness, protection, and fearlessness. Because of its sparkle and strength it is always a symbol of abundance and wealth, as it amplifies intent, goals, and energies, especially if it’s set in solid gold and placed on the wearer’s left arm.

The diamond is also referred to as “The King of Gems” because of its inherent powers in bringing forth strength, dispersion, and light reflection. It is the hardest gem, formed by extreme pressure and heat in the mantle layer of the earth. The most famous type of diamond is the colorless one, but it can also form into red, black, white, yellow, pink, brown, green, blue, cognac-brown, and champagne-tan. It can also be in the rare lilac color.

Gem Therapy

The diamond is considered a hot gem that can enhance the traits of Venus, which indicates marriage, acting, drama, love, beauty, marriage, partner, modesty, music, sincerity, and entertainment. It signifies everything associated with and one’s attraction to the opposite sex.

Wearing diamonds improves a person’s thoughts. Fearful and evil thoughts will be removed from that person, making the person’s personality charming. Diamonds also gives you more confidence, preparing your way toward success. A genuine, unflawed diamond also gives pleasant thoughts, peace of mind, and wards off ailments such as skin problems, urinary tract illness, and diabetes.

The diamond is a beneficial gem.
The diamond is helpful to the wearer.

Benefits of Wearing Diamonds

Below are some of the benefits you get when you wear diamonds:

1. Good investment.

The rare or fancy diamonds with extraordinary tones and hues are considered feasible investments. The one-of-a-kind “Sweet Josephine” pink diamond, 16.8 carats, was sold for 28.5 M USD at an auction at Christie’s. Choose diamond pieces that are high quality and rare, to assure a high resale value.

2. Causes advocacy for change.

If you love to buy genuine diamond jewelry, you can affect the lives of miners, artisans, and merchants positively in every ethical purchase you make.

3. Has spiritual benefits.

Even if you don’t believe in feng shui or astrology, you can still reap the benefits of wearing diamonds. Based on feng shui, these stones protect and strengthen you.

4. Versatile accessory.

You can wear diamonds anytime, anywhere, with any type of wardrobe. Each diamond piece is attractive, elegant, and chic, especially during evening gatherings.

5. Makes an occasion unforgettable.

Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, or an anniversary, diamonds tend to bring back red-letter events in your life. In this way, they become even more priceless.

A precious stone that can change your life
A diamond is a captivating and invincible gem to wear.

The diamond may be a precious stone or an expensive gem to some, but to others, it is definitely beyond just the glamour. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing untreated loose or clarity enhanced diamonds. What you have may be influencing and healing your life more than you could imagine.

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