The Rarest, Most Expensive Diamonds

Isn’t it amazing to know that the rarest diamonds that exist today are billions of years old? There are constant significant efforts and funding for extracting these precious stones from the earth. Only the richest people can afford such treasures. Expensive diamonds are often difficult to find because of their unique features.

Rare, expensive diamonds are hard to come by.
Rare, expensive diamonds are hard to come by.

Type IIB Diamonds

Also known as blue diamonds, Type IIB diamond are extraordinarily rare. Studies show that just almost a hundredth of a percent of mined diamonds fall under this category. Type IIB diamonds are highly valuable as well and this makes it challenging to study. Scientists have been trying to know all the most expensive diamonds in the world.

The Hope diamond and the Cullinan Dream are two of them. The Hope diamond is known to be cursed and it has changed owners through the years. The Cullinan Dream is a 24.18 carat that sold for at least 23 Million USD at an auction back in 2016.

Scientists analyzed the inclusions and the remaining minerals in the diamonds so that they can estimate what the diamonds contain and where the stones were formed. They determined that the inclusions they found in their diamonds showed that the stones were formed in the lower mantle, 410 to 660 kilometers or 250 to 410 miles underneath the surface of the Earth. They concluded that blue diamonds are not only the deepest and rarest expensive diamonds on the planet.

Discovering blue diamonds in the earth’s mantle shows that the Earth reuses its surface minerals in deeper parts of the mantle. Their amazing blue color is from the element called boron, which is almost just found on the surface of the earth. Boron is usually present in mineral deposits underwater.

Fancy diamonds are pricey because they are extremely rare.
Fancy diamonds are pricey because they are extremely rare.

Why There are Highly Expensive Diamonds

The natural color of a diamond is the tint of color the stone has as it develops. While there are clear or white diamonds, there are a few, rare fancy diamonds that interact with various materials and gases. Because of this, the diamonds develop different shades of blue and pink. These are the rare expensive diamonds, as well as those that are darker red and pink.

The diamond’s facet number and cut also influence its price. There are specific cuts that are smaller, which result in a rougher diamond that retains much of its value. Once the diamond gains extra facets to conceal or eliminate inclusions, its value goes down.

Clarity is also a consideration. Gemstone cutters and jewelers have a system with which they can gauge the imperfections of any diamond. If they find more inclusions in the stone, the diamond’s value lowers.

The Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

Here are the rarest, most costly diamonds in existence:

De Beers Centenary Diamond

The present owner of this 90-Million-USD diamond is still unidentified. It was dubbed Centenary because it was first unveiled during De Beers’ centennial ceremony. Its rough appearance exhibited its expensive glory. It weighs about 274 carats, flawless, and has a colorless, clear sparkle.

Brilliant blue, rare diamond.
Brilliant blue, rare diamond.

Graff Vivid Pink Diamond

This natural fancy diamond was sold at an auction for 46 Million USD. Laurence Graff, diamond dealer, and the diamond’s buyer named the diamond. The Graff Vivid Pink Diamond is so expensive it has a natural, vibrant pink color, it is known as one of the greatest, most expensive diamonds ever unearthed. It was previously owned by Harry Winston, a renowned jeweler.

Wittelsbach Graff Diamond

Sir Graff bought another diamond at an auction. This time, he spent 25 Million USD. The moment the stone was his, he had its color altered to dark royal blue. If anyone removes its present color, it will reveal its original, rare color, gray.

Orange Diamond

The name of this diamond describes the stone completely. It looks like an orange wedge sliced from a large orange fruit. the Orange diamond weighs about 15 carats. The unknown buyer spent 35 Million USD to purchase this diamond. Also known as fire diamonds, orange diamonds are extremely rare and costly.

Hope Diamond

This is one of the most famous and most expensive diamonds in the world. The value of this diamond now is at least 200 Million USD. The Smithsonian Institution currently owns the Hope Diamond. The stone used to be in the possession of King Louis XVI. It is still one of the most expensive diamonds in the history of France.

Sancy Diamond

The price tag of this diamond is not known because no one has attempted to give it a value. The diamond is so expensive that setting a specific price to it might just offend its magnificence. Currently, the Louvre is the owner of the Sancy Diamond. This diamond is extremely valuable because it has been in the hands of royalty and the elite during the medieval society. It has a natural yellow tinge and a size of 55 carats.

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Named after its former owner, Sir Phillip Oppenheimer, this fabulous diamond was sold for 57 Million USD at an auction in 2016. The current owner is still undisclosed. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is a stunning, vibrant blue diamond , which adds significantly to its value.

Moussaieff Red Diamond

Also known as Red Shield Diamond, this stone gives a deep red sparkle, which is almost as red as arterial blood. It was named after the Moussaieff Jewelers that estimate its value to be about 20 Million USD. Natural red diamonds are highly expensive and rare.

Rare, huge diamonds are expensive diamonds.
Rare, huge diamonds are expensive diamonds.

Every single real diamond is extracted from underneath the Earth’s surface. Yet, not all of them are the same. Among the most exquisite diamonds are the rarest ones. Such diamonds are extraordinary in size, clarity, and color. These precious stones prove that unique brilliance can come out of extreme pressure, temperatures, and long periods. How lucky we are to see and appreciate these expensive diamonds, forged by time and the Earth’s elements.

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