Dos and Don’ts of Purchasing and Caring for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

People who are fond of buying jewelry find clarity enhanced diamonds extremely appealing. These diamonds are natural diamonds. They have just gone through chemical or mechanical processes that eliminate their blemishes (flaws on the diamond’s surface) and inclusions (flaws inside the diamond). The said processes improve the clarity of the stone. Any buyer on a budget ultimately spends less for a beautiful, enhanced piece of jewelry.

Clarity enhanced diamond on your finger.
Clarity enhanced diamond on your finger.

Are you interested in getting a clarity enhanced diamond? Below are some useful tips to consider:


Purchase from a credible vendor.

It’s always best to buy a clarity enhanced diamond from a store or a vendor you trust. This is an important procurement, so you should be able to buy the stone and acquire every bit of valid information about it. The vendor should provide you the kinds of enhancement techniques applied to your chosen pieces. By having the right information, you will be able to find out the proper ways to purchase and maintain your enhanced diamond.

Inform your jeweler that you purchased a clarity enhanced diamond.

When you decide to bring your enhanced stone for maintenance, inform your trusted jeweler that the enhanced diamond went through certain processes. This will help your jeweler care for your enhanced diamond better. You will then be sure about the maintenance techniques and cleansing agents to be applied to the diamond. One example is fracture-filled diamonds. These stones can deteriorate when they are exposed to heat or acids.

Be inquisitive.

Always ask the vendor is you have any concerns about clarity enhanced diamonds. Reputable vendors of jewelry are always more than happy to answer any question when it comes to their products. Inquiring about the enhanced stone or stones you want to buy is not wrong at all. You are merely making sure you get true value for your money.

Stunning, enhanced diamond ring.
Stunning, enhanced diamond ring.

Get formal data.

Always ask the vendor for formal and official reports about the clarity enhanced diamond you want to purchase. The appraisal report should be objective and independent. The diamond certificate should come from the DGI or a huge gemological institute.

Weigh the positives. 

Purchasing clarity enhanced diamonds are advantageous in many ways. One of the benefits of acquiring these diamonds is getting a stone with higher quality for the same price. You should make sure you comprehend the real traits of the enhanced diamond you want to buy. This way, you are certain you’re bringing home a precious and rare diamond.

Subject your stone to an expert cleaning.

Always make sure you keep in touch with your diamond expert to keep you informed about your diamond and help maintain its optimal condition.


Use acidic cleaning solutions.

There are available jewelry cleaning products available if you want to be the one to clean your clarity enhanced diamond. If you bought a fracture-filled diamond, you should not expose it to acids or heat. Use a cleaning agent that doesn’t have ammonia or just clean it with plain water and mild soap.

Involve your enhanced diamond in certain activities.

If you’re wearing your clarity enhanced diamond, take note of the following. Never:

Avoid applying lotion while wearing your enhanced diamond ring. Lotion dulls the appearance and shine of the diamond.

•             Wear your enhanced diamond when you do some rough chores.

•             Immerse your diamond in hot tubs or chlorinated pools.

•             Touch your enhanced diamond with your fingers because they affect the stone’s luster.

•             Wear your diamond jewelry daily if you have an active lifestyle.

Leave your enhanced stone anywhere.

Your jewelry is rare and costly so you should not just place it on anything. Always store your enhanced diamond in a safe when you’re not wearing it. You can also keep it in a soft pouch to prevent them from rubbing with a hard surface. Keep it on or in cloth or felt, in a cool and dry place. A jewelry box is ideal.

Proper care of your clarity enhanced diamonds is required for them to last a long time.
Proper care of your clarity enhanced diamonds is required for them to last a long time.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are preferred by any meticulous jewelry buyer. They are of high quality, genuine, and affordable.

It is extremely rare for a diamond to be entirely flawless. Most of these precious stones have blemishes on their surfaces and inclusions inside them. A loupe usually helps detect these imperfections. Under an expert gemologist’s eye can spot inclusions accurately. Flaws in diamonds affect their overall value and the way light flows through them.

Eliminating flaws in diamonds has been made possible by modern technology. It’s impressive how the results truly transform the precious stone inside and out. Knowing the enhanced stone before the purchase and then understanding how to care for them truly makes any clarity enhanced diamond purchase worth your time and money.

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