How to Present a Diamond Gift

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A diamond gift is special and powerful. Because of its significance and sentimental weight, a diamond is a rare present. Even so, you don’t really have to give diamonds on red-letter occasions such as a wedding or an engagement. A diamond doesn’t have to be confined in a box at all.

A diamond engagement ring.
A diamond engagement ring.

Traditionally, when you give a diamond to a woman, know that you are already giving that same gift to the women who will succeed her. As they pass on the stone from one generation to another, the diamond increases in value. It becomes more seasoned, but it never loses its beauty. A diamond is always a gift that lasts forever.

Why a Diamond is an Excellent Gift

Here are the reasons that make diamonds the perfect gift:

  • They are gifts that last forever. Diamonds have existed for billions of years and they will continue to exist for billions of years more. Other gifts don’t last that long.
  • “Diamond” in Greek is “adamas”, which means invincible or unconquerable. A diamond gift is truly a symbol of true love.
  • Ancient Greeks perceived diamonds as splinters from the stars. They even believed that these precious stones were probably God’s tears.
  • A diamond gift looks as beautiful and as brilliant as it was on the day you first bought it.
  • Diamonds are stylish and go with any wardrobe.
  • There is a longstanding tradition of giving diamond engagement rings, which started in 1477. It was the year when Austria’s Archduke Maximillian gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. Mary told Maximillian that she wanted a gold diamond ring for a diamond gift.
  • Luxury and love were represented by diamonds in Ancient Rome and Greece. Kings have also worn diamonds represent their courage, power, strength, and invincibility.
A diamond gift concealed in a shell.
A diamond gift concealed in a shell.

Presenting a Diamond Gift

Have you ever thought of other ways to present your diamond gift? It can be a bit mediocre to just hand it over after work over dessert that night, right? Here are some awesome ideas to make your diamond jewelry gift-giving more creative, interesting, and unforgettable:

The Inner Gift

Preparing a gift for your loved one is great already, especially if it’s a piece of fashion jewelry that he or she adores. You can make that moment even more memorable if you present your diamond gift by putting it inside your first gift. That person will surely be happy with that first gift, but the happiness will be doubled with that thoughtful, stunning diamond jewelry.

Here are some suggestions for your outer gift:

  • Stuffed toy. You can attach the diamond piece to the stuffed toy or stuff it into the toy.
  • Jewelry box. This could also be a nice way to present the diamond gift which sits prettily inside the box.
  • Decorative jar. Pick an opaque, attractive jar that has a lid. You can place the diamond jewelry inside the jar and then turn the jar into a shelf accent after.
  • Box of sweets or chocolates. You can incorporate the diamond piece into the chocolates inside the box. Embed it into your loved one’s favorite chocolate so that he or she can easily get that double treat.
  • Potted plant. Use a potted decorative plant as a way to present your diamond gift. Tie the piece around the stem or at the base of the biggest bloom.
  • Bag. Once you give that bag that he or she has been eyeing at the shop window, wait for him or her to inspect the pockets. The greater surprise would be when he or she discovers your real gift.
Precious stones inside chocolates.
Diamonds inside chocolates.

Hidden Sparkle Surprise

This is a gesture that involves hiding the diamond gift and telling the recipient to look for it. Giving clues will help locate the gift. What an exciting way to present your gift! The resulting smile will be the cherry on top.

Scavenger Hunting

This is a memorable gift-giving activity that involves various locations that the recipient should visit. The stops provide a huge impact. As the gift giver, you should invest a significant amount of time and strategy to set up the points. You should also leave clues in each until the recipient of the diamond gift finds the precious jewelry.

A diamond gift hunt.
A diamond gift hunt.

The hunt may take place in a neighborhood, in the city, or a town, where landmarks should be picked well. You should have trustworthy people to care for the clues until the recipient arrives at each stop. There can be people who know you and the recipient present at every point to make sure the recipient receives all the clues. Have fun with the clues. It is best for you to be there at the final stop so that you can present the diamond gift yourself as the ultimate reward.

Mislead with the Packaging

You can mislead the recipient by wrapping the diamond jewelry in a small box, which is then wrapped in several larger boxes more. The gift is you end up giving is an enormous one. It can be funny and frustrating at the same time to unwrap. Satisfaction comes when the recipient opens the final box.

An engagement  ring and a pretty box.
An engagement ring and a pretty box.

Unexpected Timing

When there is an occasion coming, it is best to throw off your loved one’s expectations by giving your jewelry gift earlier. You can give it hours before or even a day in advance. This would make the celebration more special because your loved one would be wearing your gift.

Presenting your diamond jewelry with creativity says that you have exerted great effort in making your loved one happy. Wrapping and giving a diamond gift is always extra special when you know the recipient will remember the moment as much as the gift.

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