Pink Diamonds: Exquisite and Rare, Elegant and Romantic

Pink diamonds are associated with elegance, luxury, and romance. These precious stones are so stunning that it is often a puzzle to many as to how they come to be pink naturally. Pink diamonds are rare and beautiful stones that can very well be one of the prize pieces of any collector.

The magnificence and scarcity of natural pink diamonds make these stones extremely intriguing. Pink diamonds are limited in number because of how nature forms them.

Stunning and rare precious stones
Stunning and rare precious stones

Facts About Pink Diamonds

Here are some facts you would surely want to know about pink diamonds:

Extremely Valuable

Pink diamonds are among the most valuable diamonds in existence. They may cost about 20 times the price of natural white diamonds. Argyle Mine experts say that a pink diamond measured a carat has a value of 100,000 USD to 1 million USD. The price of a pink diamond is based on its shape, intensity, cut, and clarity. It may also be influenced by its secondary hue. Good examples are brown and purple secondary hues, which is more common. A pink diamond with this hue is more affordable. A purple secondary hue in a pink diamond may cost a bit higher.


Most diamonds in the world are found in the kimberlite pipe. Pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine come from a one-of-a-kind volcanic lamproite pipe. Lamproites are less numerous than kimberlites, but both are from diatremes that spring from huge depths. These pipes have been discovered in India, Zambia, the United States, Spain, West Africa, Corsica, and the Gaussberg Island just off Antarctica. Just recently, lamproite pipes have been found in Brazil, where kimberlite pipes are also present. At least two lamproite pipes in South Africa have anomalous mineralogy and may transition to kimberlite pipes.

High-quality and rare pink diamond ring
High-quality and rare pink diamond ring

Usually Originate from Australia

At least 90% of the pink diamonds in the world come from the Argyle Mine located in Western Australia. Throughout history, these diamonds have also been found in Brazil, India, Russia, Canada, and South Africa. Just less than one percent of the Argyle mine’s production are pink diamonds. This is evidence of how extremely rare these diamonds truly are. For every million carats of Argyle mined diamonds, only one carat is fit to sell. A total of approximately 40-50 carats of tendered pink diamonds are sold annually at auctions.

Challenging to Polish

Because of the more intricate structure of Argyle mined diamonds, polishing it may take three to four times longer.

Not Made Equal

Like other fancy colored diamonds, pink diamonds have different shades. They have grades from faint to fancy vivid. The more intense the pink diamond is, the more expensive it is. If a pink diamond has a grade of fancy vivid pink, it’s definitely costlier than a fancy light pink diamond. The secondary hues of pink diamonds also make them dissimilar from each other.

Extraordinarily beautiful an difficult to acquire
Extraordinarily beautiful an difficult to acquire

Coloration is Mysterious

One theory of how pink diamonds acquire their color is that they have a structural anomaly called plastic deformation. This event happens when the diamond is pushed towards the surface of the Earth and its structure becomes altered and deformed. The flaw compels the stone to absorb light in a different way, giving off the pink color.


The expensive price of pink diamonds is a common barrier for many people to purchase them. Yet, if the pink diamond is affordable, the stone would be perfect for engagement rings. Pink diamonds are extraordinarily rare. It would be very unlikely for you to see one similar to yours. Because of its rarity, it is also difficult to find a pink diamond that’s for sale. Any woman would love to wear a genuine natural pink diamond at any event, knowing that it is a rare piece.

Known Pink Diamonds

Below are some of the recognized pink diamonds in the world:

Pink Star

Measuring 59 carats, this fancy vivid pink diamond is the largest pink diamond GIA has ever had the chance to grade. It is most certainly, overly expensive. Experts say that it is close to perfection. The Pink Star was sold for at least 71 million USD at an auction.

A pink diamond waiting to be set
A pink diamond waiting to be set

Graff Pink

At almost 25 carats, this pink diamond sold for 46 million USD at an auction back in 2010.

Rose of Dubai

This pear-shaped, 25-carat pink diamond sold for six million USD in 2005.


Daria is the biggest known cut diamond in the world. It measures 186 carats and has been part of crown jewels, worn by many kings until 1739. In that year, the Persian army took it and brought it to Iran. It is now part of the Iranian Crown Jewels kept in Tehran.

Noor-ul-Ain or The Light of the Eye

At 60 carats, this oval pink diamond is known to have been mined from the Golconda mines of India. It was made the centerpiece in the wedding tiara of the Iranian Empress Farah Pahlavi in 1958.

Martian Pink

Back in 2012, this 12.04-carat diamond was sold for 17.4 million USD at an auction.

Steinmetz Pink

Discovered in South Africa, this fancy vivid, 59.60-carat pink, oval-cut diamond is internally flawless.

Exquisite rare pink diamond on auction
Exquisite rare pink diamond on auction

The pink diamond is a mesmerizing precious stone that is hard to come by. It is a great privilege to acquire and wear it. This enchanting diamond is a gift to the world because the Earth’s recesses don’t produce such a stunning stone on a regular basis.

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