Is an Ultrasonic Cleaner Crucial for Your Diamond Jewelry’s Longevity?

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The importance of an ultrasonic cleaner is often a debatable topic among diamond jewelry owners. Some say that getting an ultrasonic cleaner is impractical. Others disagree. If you have invested in diamond and gemstone jewelry, you treat them as precious possessions. Of course, you will do your best to care for them through thorough cleaning. One way of doing this is to clean your diamond jewelry with a cleaner.

If you maintain your jewelry regularly, you can be sure that they will always keep their brilliance. Efficient cleaning also makes them last longer. You can just go to your jeweler to clean your jewelry professionally, but if you don’t have the time to do so, your own jewelry cleaner can help you.

Ultrasonic cleaner for your diamond and gemstone jewelry
Ultrasonic cleaner for your diamond and gemstone jewelry

What is an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

This type of jewelry cleaner is a portable machine that gives off high-frequency sound waves. These waves create ultrasonic vibrations and bubbles in the water. This is a cavitation procedure, which eliminates the grime and dirt that is sticking to your diamond and gemstone jewelry.

There are many cavities in each piece of jewelry. Using a jewelry cleaner is different from using a brush because there are certain areas that a brush cannot get into. Place your jewelry in the cleaning solution. Turn on the cleaner and the bubbles from it will work their way into every corner of your jewelry. The bubbles remove any bit of contamination present. You can be sure that all the grime in your jewelry because of the movement and waves generated by the ultrasonic cleaner.

Using a jewelry cleaner takes mere minutes. When the process finishes, your jewelry pieces come out sparkling and clean. By using this small machine, you get a professional level of cleaning for your jewelry and you save time.

Cleaning your jewelry pieces at home
Cleaning your jewelry pieces at home

How to Use It

Here are the steps you need to follow when you operate your very own jewelry cleaner:

  • Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, you should fill the cleaner’s tank with the cleaning solution. Other ultrasonic cleaner models just require tap water. It is best to always read the instructions that come with your ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Place the jewelry pieces in the cleaning solvent and turn the ultrasonic cleaner on. It is best to clean one piece of jewelry at a time to prevent damage.
  • Make sure the water is hot so that you can get a thorough clean. Some ultrasonic cleaners have a heating feature that helps clean your jewelry pieces better. Don’t use boiling water because this will damage your jewels.
  • During the cleaning process, ultrasonic vibrations bring up bubbles. The pressure and heat remove the stuck dirt in your pieces. You can even adjust the intensity and heat of your ultrasonic cleaner.
  • To make sure the sediments and grime are really off your jewelry, it is best to leave your jewelry in the solution for a while.
  • After a few minutes, take your jewelry out and rinse the pieces in clean water to remove the cleaning solution. With a soft brush, remove any remaining particles still clinging to your jewelry. This should not take long at all. Don’t forget the crevices and claws of your pieces.
  • Rinse your pieces of jewelry again with clean water and dry them with a soft, clean cloth.
Cleaning your jewels with an ultrasonic cleaner yields amazing results
Cleaning your jewels with an ultrasonic cleaner yields amazing results

Factors to Consider When Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

When using an ultrasonic cleaner, remember the following factors:


Always remember that water or a cleaning solution with a temperature of 140 degrees F is ideal for cleaning your jewelry using an ultrasonic cleaner. This high temperature makes an ultrasonic cleaner work more effectively. 


Setting the cleaning time for your cleaner depends on how dirty your jewelry pieces are. Usually, it takes about two to ten minutes. This will maximize the benefits you get from your ultrasonic cleaner. For some more challenging pieces of jewelry, you may need more than one cleaning cycle to remove all the dirt and grime. 


The density and shape of your jewelry pieces make up the mass of the items. If you put a lot of jewelry pieces in your ultrasonic cleaner, the cleaning results will not be thorough. Just keep in mind that half the volume of the cleaning solution or the water should be more than the weight of your jewelry pieces. You can divide the load into small ones to make sure all your jewelry pieces get a thorough cleaning. 

Glitter lasts forever when you clean your jewelry regularly
Glitter lasts forever when you clean your jewelry regularly

Reasons for Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • The results you get are just like the results a professional jeweler can give you.
  • Easy and quick to use. In just a few minutes, you can complete the cleaning process. It is a true means to save effort and time. 
  • The process of cleaning is gentle for any type of jewelry. You can even adjust the intensity and heat of the cleaning. 
  • Each piece of jewelry comes out completely clean. 

Cleaning your jewelry pieces with your cleaner once or twice a month is ideal. When you purchase your very own ultrasonic cleaning machine, always read the instructions carefully. Making sure your diamond and gemstone jewelry are clean all the time so that they can last longer. They are your prized investments after all. Using your very own ultrasonic cleaner can help you achieve a lasting jewel collection.

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